Mr. Wimpy

Mr. Wimpy is a platforming video game released by Ocean Software in 1984. The game was intended to be a promotional tie with Wimpy restaurants as their logos, company mascots, and theme tunes were reproduced. The game was released on the Oric 1, ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro and Commodore 64. The gameplay is similar to the video game BurgerTime.[1]

At the start of the game, Mr. Wimpy has to cross his kitchen while avoiding moving manholes to get to the larder so that he can collect ingredients and make his burgers. As an added hazard, a character called Waldo tries and steal these ingredients from him.[2] After the opening level, the game becomes a traditional platform game where the player must guide Mr. Wimpy across the platforms while walking over four various burger ingredients, which in turn causes them to crash to the platform below and finally to the four plates at the bottom.[2] Mr. Wimpy must also avoid various enemies in the guise of walking sausages, eggs, pickles, and spoons. Players have the ability to spray pepper at the enemies, which temporarily freezes them for a few seconds, allowing players to escape.[2] Enemies can also be trapped and squashed by walking over burger ingredients while they are on the level below.[3]

The platform portion of the game features the following enemies: Sid Sos (a walking sausage), Ogy Egg (a walking fried egg), Sam Spoon (a walking spoon), and Pam Pickle (a walking pickle).[3] As the player progresses in the game, more enemies are added.[citation needed] Mr. Wimpy's only defences against the enemies are to either trap them between the falling burger ingredients or to temporarily freeze them with pepper.[citation needed] However, players can only a small supply of pepper at any given time (4 bottles could be carried).[2] Players can pick up coffee cups or ice creams that appear on the screen (when they are down to their last pepper pot), rewarding them with an extra pepper pot.[2] Players are given four lives at the start of the game, any of which can be lost in the opening Larder level by falling down a moving pothole or by getting caught by an enemy in the platform portion of the game.[citation needed]