Frog Pond

Frog Pond is a games that Atari never officially released to the public. 2 different versions exist with this - one with a "rainbow" title screen, and one with a detailed graphics screen (most likely the final version). An even earlier (work-in-progress) version was shown at the Summer 1982 CES show. Prototypes (and possibly copies) have been available for some time now. Best Electronics had it for $12 at one time. The game has nice, clean graphics. The game features nice, clean graphics, with 1 or 2 frogs on a lily pad. Each frog even has its own realistic "ribbet" sound. The object is to leap and catch as many insects as you can with your frog's tongue. Pressing the fire button shoots your frog's tongue out. The difficulty switches affect the length of your tongue (a little longer when set to B). There are four game variations: 1 and 3 are one-player versions; 2 and 4 are two-player versions. You are allowed so many misses-an insect will fly away if you fail to get it after a certain time limit. Games 3 and 4 allow more misses, but less time to get the insects. There are five types of insects. Since the game has no manual, I created names for each type: