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Achieved at : 2022-12-03
Rank : 1
(world record)
Lups : 100
Approved :
Voting completed : 2023-01-29
General Rules: Difficulty switches can be in any position at any time.
Must be played on a real 2600-compatible console or expansion module. Play with default settings unless otherwise specified. No code modifications that give the player an advantage over other players. No continues. No use of trainers, cheats, auto-fire (when not default present in-game) , game saves, or cheat codes. Can be overruled by the Specific Rules.
It is discouraged and may lead to voters not accepting your score to:
- excessively point farm
- use glitches or other game exploits
Specific Rules: Discus: Longest distance for single attempt, in meters.

Difficulty switch settings have no effect in this title, and can therefore be in any position at any time.

Competitive track rules:
βˆ™ Video evidence is required for all distances over 58.0 meters.

βˆ™ Video evidence must include uninterrupted footage of all controller/keyboard usage with hands/fingers throughout the entire game.
βˆ™ For keyboards, only one key each mapped to "left" and "right" is allowed.
βˆ™ For controllers, must be a 5-function controller (up, down, left, right, and fire only) with no other functionality. Controller may have multiple fire buttons. (Standard Sega Genesis controller, unmodified Atari CX40 Joystick, Atari CX22/CX80 Trackball are examples of acceptable 5-function controllers)

All Tactics Allowed track rules:
All tactics, including multiple key mapping, all controllers, all input methods, and all configurations allowed.

A 4.1.22
2023-01-24 10:38:47
checked original hardware evidence : OK on video
checked settings : B/B / all tactics : OK
checked final score : OK @ 14:32
Voted yes.
2023-01-21 04:30:35
Hardware checked (at video end), game checked, event checked, gameplay checked, distance checked.

Voting yes.
2023-01-20 18:36:19
Score resubmitted with correct video....
@TGP πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
2023-01-20 16:01:44
Yes you are correct. I've asked the admins to delete the score and I'll repost it. Thx....
2023-01-20 06:09:47
I think this is the wrong video? I couldn't find the discus throw of 72.84 in it.
2023-01-14 08:30:58
Yes on all
2023-01-11 18:47:38
Atari 2600 Decathlon
Event: Discus Throw
Game Settings at 0:17.
Game Start (for this submission) at 14:27.
Distance of 72.84 meters is shown on screen at 14:32.
Atari 2600 console, difficulty levels, Decathlon cartridge and Trak Ball controller all shown at the end of the video.
System boot up at the beginning, game reset and power shut off at the very end of the video.
Thanks for watching and voting.