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Achieved at : 2023-01-25
Rank : 1
(world record)
Lups : 100
Approved :
Voting completed : 2023-02-02
General Rules: Left difficulty switch setting must remain in the B/Novice position throughout gameplay.
Right difficulty switch setting may be in any position at any time.
No use of trainers, cheats, saved game files, auto-fire (when not default present in-game), emulator save states, or other emulator advantages. No use of code modifications that give the player an advantage over other players. No continues.
It is discouraged and may lead to voters not accepting your score to:
- excessively point farm
- use glitches or other game exploits
Specific Rules: Play the game in 1 player mode with the correct leaderboard settings.

Left difficulty switch setting must remain in the position indicated by the leaderboard category.
A/Expert: Sparx less likely to get caught in trap.
B/Novice: Sparx more likely to get caught in trap.

Right difficulty switch setting Alters graphical appearance of colors in 'maze' - doesn't effect gameplay, and can therefore be in any position at any time.

ROM can be purchased from here:

A 1.26.23
yesterday @ 06:06:15
Emulation checked, game checked, Difficulty switches in B position, Novice selected, gameplay checked, score checked, initials checked (wow! on a 2600!).

Voting yes.
@NamcoPlayer πŸ₯ž πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
2023-01-25 22:14:17
Yeah, it's fantastic, I agree - Champ Games never disappoints. :)
NamcoPlayer πŸ₯ž
2023-01-25 22:06:06
A great port of the game on the 2600. Even includes high score initials entry and saving..
2023-01-25 19:19:13
Starts 7:20.
Score at 10:18.
Diff switches at start.