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Achieved at : 2024-01-05
Rank : 1
(world record)
Lups : 100
Approved :
Voting completed : 2024-01-26
General Rules: Game must be played on the actual hardware. Play with default settings unless otherwise specified. No code modifications that give the player an advantage over other players. 1 credit. No continues. 1 player mode only. No use of trainers, cheats, auto-fire (when not default present in-game) , game saves, or cheat codes. Can be overruled by the Specific Rules (see above).
It is discouraged and may lead to voters not accepting your score to
- excessively point farm
- use glitches or other game exploits
Specific Rules: Play the game in 1 player mode with default settings
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2024-01-21 21:36:57 (edited 2024-01-21 21:37:03)
✅️✅️ 🏆
Luigi Ruffolo
2024-01-20 07:10:15
Voting yes.
2024-01-19 17:24:21
Interesting, is it the same map as the original release?
2024-01-19 10:00:07
VOTING : Y E S ✅✅☑️☑️✳️✳️☑️☑️✅✅
2024-01-19 05:34:49
Hardware checked, game checked, gameplay checked, time checked.

Voting yes.
CMDR Karkula
2024-01-18 21:47:04
Lol i posted a best time earlier from the 99% completion one and all forgot about this stream earlier this year when I started to step up my game again 😂

So this is the one to beat yes!
The thing is timestamped. Fast run starts at 0:49:45